WHO I am, is a God-fearing/respecting/loving human in the process of being…  I am a Pastor and Teacher, a work in progress. And while God has not finished with me quite yet, I am grateful for the gift of LOVE in my life. For I am my beloveds and she is mine. God gifted her to me and me to her.

I sometimes look like I am all set, yet… I am not quite done.

As I go through the process of growing up, and putting my fears aside, I find that the fear that stops me from speaking my mind becomes minimized and that the words that I speak become closer to the words God has put in my heart.  I am human and I stumble, but God is awesome and knows what They are doing.

WHAT I am doing is continuing to walk along. This is my journey.

WHEN I went through the process of deciding what and how to name this page, I decided to go with the thought that what God has started (commenced) in me and through me is not yet over… Every day that I have breath is a day closer to being who I am supposed to be [in Christ].

But if you look at the name of my blog it is thruElly and NOT ThroughGod.  I want you to realize that was intentional! See, the words thru and through are different spellings of the same word.  They mean the same thing! Consider this, as we read the Bible there are words that have different meanings when looked at in the socio-political context of the time during which it was written.  Then, consider that we (humans) each carry with us a history that makes us uniquely individual even though we are all earthlings…God’s word should be read and interpreted remembering the past and thinking about where we are today…  what God is doing THRU the lens that is Elly.  #thruelly

According to grammarist.com “THRU” is the less preferred form, however, and it might be considered out-of-place outside the most informal contexts. If you’re writing for school or for a job application, for instance, “THROUGH” is definitely the safer choice. The shorter spelling is often used in drive-thru, where the term relates to getting fast food or banking without exiting one’s car. But though the shorter spelling has gained ground in this use, drive-through still prevails by a significant margin.

WHERE and HOW to Contact Me
Rev. Elivette (Elly) Mendez Angulo
emendezangulo @ gmail.com

FB: elivettemendezangulo
LinkedIn: elivette-mendez-angulo
Twitter: @thruelly

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