Book Lists

When I completed my Masters in Divinity I realized that there are still so many books that I have yet to consider reading.  I have yet to meet a book that I don’t like, but I haven’t met them all…

My theological interests revolve around issues of IDENTITY, especially as they relate to Race, Language and Religion.  I intend to put together a curriculum that reflects this interest and though I am the sole creative force behind it, I am interested in reading additional books on these subjects.

I know a few friends who are interested in similar books for their own research, together we can get through these mountains of books.

I plan on putting together a Suggested Reading List separated by topic areas.  If you read any of these books, please feel free to post a short write-up of what you got out of it.  That way if I haven’t read it, I will be inspired to read it based on the benefits you got from reading it!

There is a page set up for each of my specific interest areas, as well as a Miscellaneous page for additional suggestions.  Please, feel free to forward this page to your friends, colleagues and ministry leaders so that they can also make suggestions.

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