Timeline Excersise

ONA Coalition National Gathering, June 6-10, 2016 in St. John, MN

I was invited to take place in this annual gathering, one of the presenters (name to be found and shared) invited us to create a timeline of our deeply PERSONAL life story using the following starters:

Time: 20-30 minutes

Action: write, draw, document

Consider: What is your story?

  • What are the experiences your body has had with sexuality? With spirituality? With race? With ability?
  • When was the first time you kissed someone?
  • When did you first masturbate?
  • When did you read the Bible for the first time? Take communion? Sing in the choir?
  • When have you been targeted because of your race? When did race afford you privilege?
  • What messages did you get about what your body could and could not do?


Additional Questions to Consider:

  • When did you first come into the realization concerning race and how did you respond, and how do you respond today?
  • What have you taught others concerning racism?
  • Will you share some situations that you encountered racism within the last few years and how did you respond?


I am interested in redeveloping this with specific stories in mind based on intersectionality (Sexuality, Religion/Spirituality, Race/Ethnicity).


Suggested Readings

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  2. http://www.claystaires.com/the-sticky-note-timeline-exercise/
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