When I was initially challenged to live life with less clothing, I asked a few questions of my friends.  And here are their answers:

1. Do accessories count in that number?
Mary: Of course not!
Mom: Uum, this is how you dress [referring to all of the jewelry, bags, shoes I possess], where would you even start…?

2. Do suits count as 1 item?
Mary: yes.
Mom: well, technically yes, but should you be technical?

3. Should I take up the challenge?
Mary: You can try [the challenge], but count like this: jewelry that fits in one bag (reasonable size, Elly) is one item, same with make up: one bag = one item, same with hair care all products count as one (you only have one hairstyle at a time after all). First take 3 bags in 3 sizes: average, large and tote. Make sure they are neutral (solid black or tan) or have every color imaginable so that they match everything. And most importantly: coffee preparation paraphernalia are NEVER counted in such a list, but have their own separate list with a limit of 21 items.
Mom: 21 is unrealistic, try my age!

What I quickly realized is that 21 is a scary number, so I will take my mothers suggestion and try my age (not hers)! I will spend the summer with 38 Items or less. I think that is a realistic number for me at this time, in the future I may be able to live with even less, but today is TODAY.


As all good “modern” people, I decided to do some research and see what other bloggers/researchers may suggest.

Interesting Websites

Project 333: 3 Months with 33 items
Closet Cleanout: The Only 10 Pieces of Clothing You Need
Minimize: The 40 Hanger Closet

Living Minimally, 21 items or less

Pairing Down to 38 Articles of Clothing for the Summer

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