At Manantial de Gracia, it is our policy to be in covenant with each other, if in no other place, at least within the sacred space we call classroom!  Our children and young adults come from different backgrounds and home realities, and we know that sometimes “street/home” issues may trickle into this sacred space.

We who teach in this church have a Mission to: lend a hand to families in their attempts to lay down a spiritual foundation by restoring both the adults and the children, making them stronger, firmer, and steadfast in the Lord, that through GOD, we will be led into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ our covenant with God will continue to be renewed. 

Our Core Values are:

  1. To teach biblical truth, while modeling Christian ethics and behavior (“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31a);
  2. to be child focused, teaching creatively and staying relevant;
  3. and to have good, clean fun!

We expect our children (and adults) to model similar behavior!  We have set up the following standard Rules of Conduct:

  1. Be polite, respectful and mindful of others;
  2. and follow directions.

Our overall ambition, mission, hearts desire is to spend time praying together, reading scripture together, asking questions together and most importantly to continue meeting God where we are so that we can have intimate me-YOU time with God and build personal relationships with our Creator.  Thanks be to God.

Attached are SAMPLES of our curriculum’s, lessons plans are put together by individual teachers:

2008     2009     2010-Adult     2010-Kids     2011     2012      2013      2014

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