I am accepting the challenge, 38 articles of clothing for summer use. Consider that this will be my full wardrobe, to be used and useful for all aspects of life: church, work, and play until I return to New England in late Summer.

Who: Me!

What: 38 articles of clothing.

Where: Franklinton Center at Bricks, North Carolina

When (start date): June 9, 2014

How: I will spend the summer only with the articles of clothing that I choose. I will be broke and unable to purchase additional items even if I wanted to. My winter clothes are in suitcases at school (Boston, MA) and the remainder of my neutral seasonal clothes are going to remain in my mother’s home (Hartford, CT).

Excluded: workout clothing (used solely for exercising), pajamas (used only for lounging inside), bathing suit (and coverup), accessories, jewelry, bags (each bag that I use for packing can be used), shoes

1. White Long Dress
2. Black and White Long Dress
3. Black Dress
4. Combat Green Shirt Dress
5. Black and Fuschia Dress
6. Black and Green Dress
7. Orange/Red Dress
8. Brown/Black Jacket
9. Black and White Jacket
10. Orange/Red Jacket
11. Grey Hooded Cardigan
12. Beige Cardigan
13. Orange/Red Cardigan
14. Brown/Black Skirt
15. Black Slacks
16. Orange/Red Cropped Slacks
17. Beige Shorts
18. Blue Jeans
19. White Leggings
20. Black Leggings
21. Blue and White Striped Camisole
22. Blue Camisole
23. Black Long Sleeved Top
24. Grey Long Sleeved Top
25. Green Long Sleeved Top
26. Green, Blue and White Short Sleeved Blouse
27. Blue Jean Long Sleeved Button Up
28. Red Long Sleeved Button Up
29. Leopard Print Long Sleeved Blouse
30. Flower/Stripe Short Sleeved Blouse
31. White Tunic
32. Black and Colorful Flower Tunic
33. Sea Foam Green Tunic
34. Sea Foam Green Tunic
35. Orange/Red Tunic
36. Blue Jean Jacket (travel)
37. Combat Green Tube Dress (travel)
38. Combat Green Pants (travel)

1. Sea Foam Converse
2. Beige Tom Wedge Booties
3. Brown Peeptoe Booties
4. Brown Heels
5. Black Boots

1. Black Crossbody
2. Brown Crossbody
3. Colorful Bilum (Papua New Guinea)

Excluded Items
Bathing Suit: 1
Bras: 4
Pajamas: 3
Panties: 8
Pantyhose: 1
Scarves: 6
Shoes: Sneakers (Exercise), Flip-flops (Pool), Crocs (House)
Slip: 1
Socks: 8
Sports Bras: 3
Undershirts: 4
Workout Clothes: 2
Workout Shoes: 1

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