Remarks Heard

National LGBTQ Task Force: Queering Racial Justice
(Saturday, September 10, 2016), Philadelphia

“NO.” is a complete sentence and as a full sentence can often be an act of self care. #HRAlicia #LGBTTaskForce

“When you are drowning in whiteness remember that when you don’t know how to swim, you can ask for help.”

I wish people would get off their knees and move… Rodney McKenzie said, based on a favorite quote from James Baldwin, “Therefore, when I faced a congregation, it began to take all the strength I had not to stammer, not to curse, not to tell them to throw away their Bibles and get off their knees and go home and organize, for example, a rent strike.” -Letter from a Region in my Mind, Issue November 17, 1962 (The New Yorker)

“We are not protesters, we are PROTECTORS.” –