Theology of Fashion

My PERSONAL Theology of Fashion is still only a work in progress. I plan to spend the summer of 2014 living with less and will write about my experience and may also create a Course Curriculum with Lesson Plans after living out this experience.

The Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein, Beauty Tips for Ministers (Unitarian Universalist Association)
Pastor Ed Young, Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX (Southern Baptist Convention)

Cassock-Alb in Flax

*CM Almy: Outfitters to the Church & Clergy (since 1892)
*Art from the Soul: Worship Boldly!
*Bride of Christ Robes: Ministry Attire for Women
*Clergy Couture
*Jan Laurie: Fabric Art Clergy Stoles
*House of ilona: Designer Clergy Dresses
*In Stitches: Center for Liturgical Art
*Murphy Robes: Clergy Apparel
*Nancy Busacca: Heart and Stoles
*Olivia Ebsary: Stitchin’ Time
*UCC Resources
*Vestments for Men: Abiding Spirit
*Vestments for Women: WomenSpirit
*Vestments Glossary

*Does God Care About Trendy Clothes and Fashion?
*Collaborative Theology on Fashion
*Made Well: A Glimpse at the Theology of Fashion
*A Guest Post: Biblical Theology of Clothing
*Alastair’s Adversaria
*The Lost Dress of Paradise: A Theology of Nakedness
*From Paul Tillich to “Project Runway”: Towards a Theology of Couture
*Theology of Beauty
*Is Fashion a Demonic Power?
*The Worst Oscar Gowns Ever + A Theology of Fashion?


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