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It’s crazy how quick time flies.  The decisions that we make in our past, the decisions that alter our reality will, should and do have/make an impact on our lives. I sat back and read a letter that I emailed years ago to a group of people who meant so much to me and made an impact on my story of success.  And as I sat down and reread the letter, some of these people are no longer part of my life, some by choice (there’s or mine’s).  Some I haven’t seen in a forever type of way, but they each made an impact into who I am.  The friends we make and the people we touch (or who touch us) are helping to form, sculpt, mold us into new beings.  Choose your friends wisely…

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help, prayers and support during the time it took me to complete my Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  The amount of time, sweat and tears that went into my course load is unbelievable, and honestly if I was unable to count on my network of supporters I don’t really know if I would have survived it.

I want to let you know that I will be walking across the stage on September 26th and, even though I don’t have enough tickets for everyone who has been an influence, a push, a supporter, a prayer warrior, happy face, wake up call, talked me off the ledge, lent me a computer, brain, idea, been a sounding board or an ear to my venting, yelling (quitting) I want you to know that this moment would not be possible if it wasn’t for you.

The last two years have been especially tough, but I have learned something truly unexpected…taking the time to chill with friends gives me energy to do anything I have to do.  I consider you guys part of my support, and some of you will never know exactly what your friendships (even the newly formed ones) have done as far as rejuvenating my spirits when I was at my weakest.

During the last couple of years, I:

– moved back home (Thank You Mami-for always being home to me!);

-completed a divorce (Thank You Luis-for letting me emote all over you!);

-started two new jobs (Maritza, Tina, April Wow!!!  Thank you!);

-learned that it is really okay to cry from a broken heart, and thanks to Jackie, I learned that a real friend will hold your hand when you feel least worthy (Thank you);

-and that love, romantic & sweet can happen again at any age (Mami) or when you least expect it (Margaret)!!!;

-learned that new friends can make you laugh for new reasons (“Crippy popcorn!!!” – Nena);

-learned that friends can be there for each other without even needing to be in the same state (Stacy, Shelley and the love of my life-Jamia);

-I have lost a grandmother to cancer and learned that God is everywhere and sees everything.  And it doesn’t matter if I go to Catholic Mass, Temple or a UCC/Baptist Church!!!;

-God is where I am (even in a jazz club!!);

-I have finally made a connection, a real connection with my siblings (we share a dad, but I love you for you!!) Luis, Christian, Raul, Myrna and Yashira!!!  Los Quiero Muchas Veses, y de Gratis!!!;

-I have learned to see the happy in a story told by a friend (Thank you Trish for saving stories up for my commute back to Hartford from Norwalk (I couldn’t have done it without you!!) and to create new ones;

-I have learned to forgive (not everything but a lot) and forget…and most importantly accept (I can’t do everything or be everywhere);

-My family has expanded (Anthony, Maida and the rest of the Gonzalez’s);

-God has blessed me especially!!  (Mary, Vanessa, Helen, Janette, Joanna).