God is so awesome that he has space set aside for each of us.  FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.  The jobs are different, the tasks are different, the responsibilities are different, but each of us is a necessary piece of the puzzle.  Each of us is a part of the body.  Just imagine: a body with one arm can function, and quite well I may add, but with two arms and fingers and thumbs it can tie shoes and make a king sized bed.  Though with two bodies with arms and fingers and thumbs that bed would be still easier to make.  Each of us is necessary though the ministry will still continue without us.  Wanna know why?  Because GOD is the ingredient without which nothing is possible and through which nothing is impossible.

Sometimes we each get bogged down with tasks and responsibilities not quite remembering, it seems to me, that where and when jobs are shared the load gets lighter and we all benefit with some much-needed R&R!  🙂