I am sad… The injustices of this world astound me… The hurts that we cause each other pains me… Why is it that we know better and still can’t do better?! hug and love on those you love; me, I am an equal opportunity huger.
I find it astounding the hurts we cause each other in the name of defending our “nuclear” families. I find it startling how often we claim love with our mouths and kill with our thoughts (are the words not progressing from one to the next?).
How is it that we can claim to love our family members and then put stipulations on which we love and how…
Example: I love my family, but he/she is no longer part of my family.
I love my family, but the “bid” he did…he’s just not welcome in my home.
I love my family, but I’m not going to that funeral…it’s going to be too ‘hood’!
Let’s learn to say.  I love my family…and make each other welcome.  Be welcome.  Feel welcome.  Of course that doesn’t mean everyone is welcome exactly the same, that doesn’t mean we lose our common sense and leave the door to the safe wide open, but that means love them…as you love your neighbors, they aren’t perfect, we don’t always like ’em, but you know…!  Loving them the way that God loves us, that’s what I aspire to do.  To love the person who makes mistakes, will make mistakes, is making mistakes.  Love them REGARDLESS of the mistake!