The Scarlet Thread, a sign of God's mercy

The Scarlet Thread, a sign of God’s mercy

No tengo miedo de mi pasado, podría ser un lugar o un tiempo que tengo dificultades enfrentando, pero al igual que Rahab he sido transformada. Tropiezo. No siempre estoy de paso seguro y soy muy muy humana. Gracias a Dios mi Dios es un Dios maravilloso que me ama apaser de mis pasos. Preparandome para la reunion de las Mujeres de Gracia ( Manantial de Gracia )! Estén preparadas mis hermanas…I ……am NOT afraid of my past, it might be a place or a time that I have hard time dealing with, but like Rahab I have been changed. I stumble. I am not always sure footed and I am very much so human. Thankfully my GOD is an awesome God that loves me still. Preparing for this months Woman of Grace meeting! Be ready my sisters…

“So she sent them away, and they departed. And she tied the scarlet cord in the window.” Joshua 2:21b (NIV)Si tuviera fe como un granito de mostaza…By Grace We Are Saved, Through Faith. A woman. A prostitute. A Canaanite in Jericho. “OTHER” in every sense of the word. Yet saved by GRACE through faith in a God she had heard of and had yet to meet…God loves me especially!