Life is nuts, the last couple of weeks I have been feeling so tired and overwhelmed. It’s crazy but it wasn’t until a friend started telling me what I’ve been through that it finally dawned on me that I really am just this side of the fence from reaching total insanity…Husband in Iraq 22 out of 36 months, lump removed, moved back stateside, started work 24h later, formal separation, international move, best friend got engaged, I got divorced, favorite couple got divorced, started school, mom remarried, baby bro moved back to the states, baby bro moved back to Europe, got back in touch w/ Morris, he got cancer, helped Margaret consolidate 2 floors to 1 floor, major surgery, chemo/radiation, cancer came back, he loves me he loves me not, I love him I love him not, Jamia moved from VA to GA to Alaska – I helped, did I mention that school is in Norwalk (I live/work in Hartford), changed jobs, school is only 1 day a week, for four hours, from 6 to 10, after working an 8 hour day, driving for 2 hrs to get there during rush-hour, and 1 1/2 after school, get home aroung midnight, back at work at 8am the next day, individual paper do weekly, team paper do weekly, presentation final paper, each class lasts 5 weeks, but there is no break…I take mini vacations, a trip here and there, laptop in hand, and books and notes and only for a weekend and then I decided to offer to develop a sunday school curriculum (a years worth of lesson plans); then I offered to teach the class and train the church in how to teach. Reconfigured the classroom, the nursery, the youth room; the church the office, oh yeah then I offered to help relocate an office; Aaaaahhhhh i am overwhelmed as all get up…I can only concentrate on the fact that I only have to make it through 4 more weeks! PUNTA CANA HERE I COME!