I listen to a podcast called Snap Judgement and last night as I drove home I heard part of the one of the creators stories…as a person of faith who is still emotionally affected by the religious teachings of my childhood, as a person of faith who still cringes when certain topics come up and wonders where God’s mercy went in the teachings of some churches, as a person of faith who believes in God’s endless love even though it wasn’t always taught in the churches of my past……I COULD RELATE. I decided to dig around and see where he came from and found a site for former members, their pain is the same pain felt by many. Keeping this group in my prayers and the people who are still living through this in my heart.

May we that claim to still believe in God be shown mercy for the damage we cause “in HIS name” and may we be forgiven for the damage we cause. May the love we don’t teach still envelope those we reach. Amen.