You know…the last few month I have gone through a battle that had me so anxious. I found a lump on my breast and once the breast doctors got a hold of me they found two more. I had three biopsies. 2 ultra sound guided and 1 MRI guided. I was nervous and scared but God kept me sane.

Its been all good everything came back negative. And though I have been afraid to do a self breast exam again today… I was seeing my Gyno so I knew he’d be checking my tatas out.

It was beautiful to meet with my doctor today, get my check up and hear him say, “Elly I was anxious to go through this with you today, and I know that its gotta feel scarier for you…” How awesome to know that my doctor truly felt for me. That through mu struggle he was there, that through my pain he also prayed.

My medical team is amazing. I am blessed in abundance to have them along on my journey.

Oooh and then he said…I am relieved to be able to say…everything looks normal. Awesome monday to all.