Highlight of Jogya, Week 1: Picture this, we went to a street market, had a great time…early in the morning. We decided to venture on a new route home…so we walk through UGM campus figuring we just cut through this way and it’ll be waaaaay shorter. So, we walk for a good 15 minutes and finally reach a fence, LOCKED. We attempted to walk along it to find a hole, to no avail. I say we should climb it and my adventure buddies say okay…first person goes over like a pro, she put her hand on a rock and pulled herself over, I look around and realize the rock is the only hand hold as the rest is covered in barbed wire…yeah accident prone elly will not go over that way. So, I take three steps over, place my backpack on the barbed wire and use it for support!!! Up and over…easy peasy. except, life is never that easy.

We walk for another 15 minutes before we hit another fence!! All in all 3 fences (thankfully 2 had open pedestrian gates)!