Time does NOT stand still, it does NOT keep a pristine pace: Untouched, Unkempt.  Time continues to move along, moving as it always has…


Instead, now when I say time seems to be standing still, I mean that as I sit here in Jogya, living a day-full of days…In Connecticut, Puerto Rico, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, California: you sleep a day away.  In the past, while I am in my present.

Time seems to stand still, in order for us to talk at a reasonable hour, time does the unthinkable: it-stands-still.  I send you an alert as I head to school.  I walk to school and upon arriving at 730am on Thursday, I text you on wifi…and then time stands still, you call me and it is 830pm on Wednesday, and you are in my past, and I am in your future.  And I imagine there is a sermon in this irrefutable fact that natures laws seem to have broken, that God has suspended time just for this moment!

The call heads to an end.  We say our goodbyes.  Hang up and time returns to normal…740am on Thursday and I quickly head to meet my classmates for a cup-a-coffee before class!