Reflection presented as part of Tertulia 2013.  Tertulia 2013 is Council for Hispanic Ministries-New England Regions 2nd annual meeting.  This year we decided to continue our intimate, transparent, open and honest discussion among our Latino/Hispanic leaders and friends about Sexism, Classism, Racism and ONA issues as it relates to this year’s theme: Authentic, Accountability and Actualization.  It is our hope that this Tertulia helps us enhance our understanding of what it means to be UCC amidst our rich cultural and theological diversities; and helps us engage in a discussion about the paradigm shift in our society and within our region.   What does it mean to be in covenant with each other in CHRIST’s love and embrace our denomination’s Transformative Statement of Faith in a God Still Speaks world?

Revelation 22: 1-5 (MSG)

REFLECTION To actualize means to make real or to portray realistically…to become actual! Reflections of God, that is what Jesus followers are called to be. I don’t know how many of you attended General Synod 29 in Long Beach, or much less how many of you caught the action behind the scenes…

Sunday’s theme was “Everyone Mirrors God,” but this was not a regular Sunday, this is General Synod Sunday! Worship is…different. Local people who aren’t able to attend daily services with us, come! Local churches attend as congregations! And there’s the Eucharist with the Big E. And well, everything is what you expect at a typical Sunday service at your local church, except its a service that tries to honor all our different church traditions! Imagine…the little church that meets in a small space and the big church, services that have pipe organs and those with jazz music, the UCC in all of it’s differences in one place! All in all this is a big service with a lot of small necessary pieces.

On this day, God chose to remind some of us that we really are mirrors of God reflected for the world to see! A necessary piece was missing. Some of us spent time running through the Exhibit Hall begging to see exhibitors mirrors and then, begging to borrow “The CHOSEN MIRROR” for the next 3 hours! God really has a sense of humor, because it wasn’t till half-way through the service that we realized that THIS was the day that we heard all about how WE are Mirrors God!

“I-mag-o De-i, I-mag-o De-i, born in the im-age of God are we. I-mag-o De-i, I-mag-o De-i, called to com-pass-ion; born to be free.”

It was with a renewed spirit and purpose that we sang: “we are mir-rors of the face of God, we are mir-rors of the face of God…we are mirrors, we are mirrors, we are mirrors of the face of God!”

PRAYER God make us more like you. Compassionate to the need of others, and full of your love. Amen.