Silence that can’t be

kept quiet forever

or permanently


Remembered pain

issues of conflict

memories of injustice…they each continue to come up and come back



conciliation or forgiveness

are impossible without remembering corroboration

isn’t as important as the hearing (listening) to the story…


issues of the past have a way of returning to us;




jailed and jailor

locks keys

remembering the reason why

I choose NOT to have a child then and now…and now…


It’s crazy how deep a conversation can become when it starts from a point of wonderment.  wondering.  wonder.  won.  win.  when.  went.  Go.  Going.  Gone.

Conversation started with a curiosity as to why a person who obviously loves children does not have any.  The conversation started with a curiosity as to my aversion to locks and keys.  The conversation started.

Conversation ended with a realization that there was sadness in my eyes.  And in my heart.  The conversation ended with a realization that wet salt ran down her face.  The conversation ended.

With a promise to return.


Spirals of pain, truth in effectual.  Trusting that regardless of the reason and the season…  God has to be there.