Me: how many handbags do I pack for a summer in Franklinton Center at Bricks, NC?
George: 3.

Me: Do tote sized count as handbags? I mean…I’m just saying!
George: have you tried living minimally? With only 21 items.

Me (thinking in my head): I AM living minimally. Half my clothes are in CT.

I think I have been challenged by George Oliver​​. He suggested something about writing a theological reflection on my experience…

Now here are my questions:
1. Do accessories count in that number?
2. Do suits count as 1 item?
3. Should I take up the challenge?


What follows below are additions that have been made with input from friends and colleagues.  I will be using my age as of two weeks from today as my “right” number of items!

Pairing Down to 38 Articles of Clothing for the Summer*

2 Jeans
2 Leggings
2 Pants
2 Skirts
5 Dresses
3 Undershirts
3 T-Shirts
7 Shirts/Tunics
2 Jacket
1 Hoodie
4 Cardigans
5 Scarves
38 Total Items


*Items such as Undergarments, Accessories, and Exercise Clothes will not count towards the total count. Those items will be counted as:

-3 Bags: 1 black backpack, 1 black handbag, 1 brown cross-body bag
-5 Shoes: 1 brown peep-toe wedge, 1 brown wedge, 1 black heels, 1 Sneaker/Sandal, 1 black boots
-Accessories: 3 Necklaces, 5 earrings, 2 rings, bangle bracelets
-Undergarments: Miscellaneous (including 2 sets of pjs)
-Exercise Clothes: 1 Sneakers, 2 Pants

Color Palate:  Redish-Orange, Black & White