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So, the UCC has determined that their logo is the comma. Yeah, you got it. A comma. Pretty simple as far as I am concerned. Their slogan is also simplistic in nature. God is still speaking. At first I was unimpressed. Until, until, until…

I woke up and really thought about it. Not it. But the great big IT! And I read their slogan once more, God is still speaking,

And I thought about the Bible, and I realized, GOD is still speaking,
And I thought about Revelations, that great big book, that scary book, that book I am intimidated to read and I thought, GOD IS STILL SPEAKING,

And then, I did it, no not IT!! I did it, I looked it up. I went on-line and Googled [,]. And this is my very simplistic definition based on research, prayer and thought.

This is not the end, it is a grammatical change in structure (ie. a comma).

Beautiful! He was birthed of a virtuous woman, He lived with men deserving and not so much so, He died for our sins, He resurrected to show me the way to everlasting love, He is alive, and He is still speaking,