An Opening Invocation with Bodies and Voices by Rita Berglund, used in From Reinventing Worship by Brad Berglund

Rehearse with three or more individuals who stand up front and help lead aloud with the lead voice.

Allow a generous meditative pause between each movement in order to fully integrate the physical voice of each posture.  Take each piece slowly and with great intention.  Give individuals permission to adjust the movements to account for any pain or disabilities and to do what works for each of them.  (This is a call and response done physically.  Attached is a translation English/Spanish: InvocationWithBodiesAndVoices)

Lead Voice: With hands raised high, we greet this day with three shouts of Alleluia.

Group: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Lead Voice: With hands palm down, we let go of attachments that create suffering.

Lead Voice: With palm up, we practice the humbleness of receiving.

Lead Voice: With hands over our faces, we honor the Creator of all faces and all lives.

Lead Voice: With both hands on our bellies, we bring awareness to the breathing of the Holy Spirit.

Lead Voice: With hands on our hearts, we consciously open our deepest selves to transformation.

Lead Voice: With one foot in the air, we honor the Maker of dancers and dance, the movement in each of us between falling and stepping and standing.

Lead Voice: Now joining hands, we acknowledge our need for community and our responsibility in community.

Lead Voice: With arms bent and held up at to our sides and palms forward and shaking, we shimmer in applause of God’s generous grace.

Lead Voice: Bowing forward, we salute the presence of Christ in each other.

Lead Voice: With arms outstretched like wings, we reach out to bless each other with Christ’s unfathomable generosity, saying three times: Bless you!

Group: Bless you!  Bless you!  Bless you!

Lead Voice: With bodies standing tall, we bring an awareness to the bridge we are between heaven and earth.

Lead Voice: With knees bent and bouncing, we ground ourselves in the awareness of love, love in though, love in action, and love in emotion.

Lead Voice: And once again, with arms reaching up, we shout three Alleluias.

Group: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.