In the last few years, I have spent time compiling different ways to pray…  Most have been sent to me via email and the original creator is unknown (to me).  If you know who originated any of these ways of prayer, please send me a message and I would be happy to properly cite and credit them.  Attached is a word document: SunSalutation

The Sun Salutation

Christians can use the various (yoga) postures to focus on the different aspects of God the Father. For each pose, say a line from the Lord’s Prayer.

sun-salutation-transLifting my wings, being given breath, I salute the sun.  Returning that gift, I bow To salute the earth.  Hovering now, over its’ firmness I feel it, belly to belly.  Swooping, first upward, then backward, lifting playfully, facing the earth, again, I rejoice.  The patterns of evolution embedded in my cells move me in and out of poses, riding on my breath.                  -Janet Hockfeld, 2004