Sometimes in my daily prayer life, I realize that I have forgotten a prayer… or forget to include a special request, a petition, a plea…  Recently I was asked to come up with an inclusive prayer request and the result includes many of those things that I typically include in my list.

Creator, help me to remember.  And the things that I don’t speak or put into words, remember them too…the prayers of my heart, the prayers of our hearts.  Amen.


Please help us pray for all those:

  • who are sick: mentally, physically, spiritually;
  • for those who are in need or in the midst of “issues;”
  • for those who are having difficulties making it to church due to: circumstances at work, car issues, incarceration;
  • for our students: from birth till the last day we inhale we are all students, but particularly those who have asked for special prayer for their studies;
  • for those who have lost loved ones and still grieve;
  • for those who have lost someone and don’t think they grieve;
  • for those who are joyful;
  • for those who are expectant: be it a child or news;
  • for those issues: big and small and in-between;
  • for those in need of a hug or an embrace;
  • most of all for those we sometimes forget…
  • for all those we pray and even for ourselves.  AMEN.