God’s Vision: Everyone Mirrors God

Service of Worship (Sunday, June 30, 2013)


Talk about evolution of a Name!  Remember how we turned WAT into SWAT as a tongue in cheek-kinda joke, God let us know that words have meaning and purpose.

Sunday service is an important service, different from all services.  Not because it’s Sunday.  not because it’s General Synod.  I mean, remember God is God and shows up every day and all day!  But General Synod’s Sunday Worship experience is a different experience because, well it’s BIG.

And local people who aren’t able to attend daily services with us, they come!  And local churches plan on attending as congregations!  And there’s the Eucharist with the Big E.  And well, everything is what you expect at a typical Sunday service at your local church, except its a service that tries to honor all of our different church traditions!  Imagine…the little church that meets in a small space and the big church.  The services that have pipe organs and the ones that have jazz music.  The ones with dancers and the ones without.  The UCC in all of it’s differences in one place!

God chose this day to remind some of us on SWAT that we really are mirrors of God reflected for the world to see!  Some of us spent time running through the Exhibit Hall begging to see exhibitors mirrors and then, begging to borrow “The CHOSEN MIRROR” for the next 3 hours!  God really has a sense of humor, because it wasn’t till half-way through the service that we remembered/realized that THIS was the day that we heard all about how WE (Everyone) Mirrors God!

I-mag-o De-i, I-mag-o De-i, born in the im-age of God are we. I-mag-o De-i, I-mag-o De-i, called to com-pass-ion; born to be free.

It was with a renewed spirit and purpose that we sang: “we are mir-rors of the face of God, we are mir-rors of the face of God…we are mirrors, we are mirrors, we are mirrors of the face of God!”

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The night ended with a group of us taking to the air in flight, and Cara’s remembrance, “I forgot that I am scared of heights” yelled at the top of her lungs as we all giggled…TOO LATE!