Sites You Should Visit:

1. The Magnolia Tree -located behind what is now the administration building.  This tree was planted in memory of those who were held on this land as slaves, whipped and beaten.

2. The Administration Building -The middle par of this structure was the original dining hall and is the oldest building on campus, constructed in 1895.  Within this building is housed a museum with artifacts from both the Brick School and the Franklinton Center.  Also housed in the museum are the remains of the Old Post Office.

3. The Old Post Office served three purposes -receiving and distributing mail for the students, selling supplies to the students and distributing loans to the farmers and sharecroppers in the community.

4. The Teacher’s Cottage -is at the main entrance and the first building seen when you turn into Franklinton Center’s campus.  This two-story cottage was built in 1895; and once served as a home for the teachers who worked at the original Bricks School.  Future plans include turning this historic building into a welcome center and museum.

5. Hospitality II “The Newest Building” -tour this newest addition and the Pictorial Exhibition of “Answering the Cry for Life and Liberty: The Joseph Keasbey Brick Agriculture and Normal School and it’s Students.”