Mateo 13:45-46 (RVC):  También el reino de los cielos es semejante a un comerciante que busca buenas perlas,  y que cuando encuentra una perla preciosa, va y vende todo lo que tiene, y compra la perla.  (GW): “Also, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant who was searching for fine pearls. When he found a valuable pearl, he went away, sold everything he had, and bought it.

1-A Child’s Blessing

Title: God Bless Everybody by: Yamia, Age 6

No matter what color you are… Trust God.

No matter how you feel… Trust God.

No matter where you come from… Trust God.


2-A Blessing from the Congregation

Title: A Blessing for a Warrior

Writer: Luz Berrios Taveras

Ready for the journey to a far away land?

God has prepared you from the moment you were conceived for the call; for this call.

Every battle along the way has left you stronger, wiser, and filled with more compassion than ever before.

Every person who has ever heard or read your proclamations will rejoice. Every child who has heard your voice, your lessons, or has witnessed your ability to transform into a child who understands their plight, from their perspective, will forever remember.

We your family and friends know you are ready. Our prayers will bless your journey. Today we bless your mind so that you can absorb knowledge. We bless your hands so that your touch can be a blessing to others. We bless your feet as you walk toward your destiny.

May your cup runneth over and your territory be enlarged so that the kingdom of God continues to expand far beyond our own imagination. Be blessed Elivette, be blessed!

3-A Pastoral Blessing

Title: Bendiciones de Liderazgo, Writer: Maritza de Gonzalez

Elivette, you are unique. God made you very special.  You are not a mistake or a second thought.  Let me tell you:  You were planned by God. He delights in His creation of you.  Que la Fortaleza de Dios te guie.  Que el poder de Dios te preserve. Que la sabiduria de Dios te instruya.  Que la mano de Dios te sostenga. Que el camino de Dios te dirija.  Que el escudo de Dios de defienda.  Que los angeles de Dios de protejan ahora y siempre.  Let God and Indonesia see that big smile! AMEN