Thoughts during the conference…

1-Is TV halal (permitted) or haram (prohibited)?
Read 75:14

2-Is religion becoming more individualistic ( perspective of others)? Yes, but this is in response to our looking for tribal reality (perspective of self).

3-ALSO, as a means of becoming more spiritual but wanting to maintain our original religiosity.

which is more important, ethics or religion?

AWESOME QUOTE: God will provide. God will provide, AND when God has not yet provided, FAST.

FUNNY THOUGHT: piece of cake…but meant literally, as a piece of cake. And what we got was not an American piece (wedge), but rather an Indonesian piece ( miniature, overly sweetened bite size)!

Broadcast Media-American Televangelism (Indonesia Dakhtmantainment)
Style-religion, language, culture
Renewal of faith- morality (not sinning), temperance (alcoholism) beer/wine was safest drink at the time

Started with: Protestant Evangelism (18-19 century), tent shows
Religious reasons, entertainment

Became: Radio Evangelism (communications act of 1934)
-Father Coughlin, roman catholic, social justice, anti semitist, racist.
-Harry Emerson Fosdick, riverside church in ny, pacifist, protestant
-Rex Humbard, pentecostal, televangelist (began with tent meetings), not political, not formally educated in religion
-Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, praise the lord club, evangelical, anti gay, financial gain, greed, curruption
-Joel Olsteen, prosperity gospel, self help/feel good religion, gospel of sucess, not political

THOUGHT: what about…
Bishop TD Jakes…

I walked out flabbergasted, insulted, disapointed, angry…pissed even
This portion was overly simplistic and simplified. FLIPPANT!