If God wanted me to be sour, I would have been a lemon.
If God meant for me to be bitter, I would have been born as vinegar.

But instead, I was made Elly…

Perfectly formed, non-ideal version of self, filled with thoughts and emotions; BothAnd.
Love me or leave me alone-let me go.

I sometimes want to
write say do
inappropriate things and I find myself curtailing SOME of those feelings because as much as I am not sugar and spice and everything nice…I also am not lemon and vinegar. I am not brine and I am not dirt to be stepped on.

But, I am learning:

To be patient with myself. To not always have the last word. To allow myself NOT to be pushed around. And to listen to that voice that whispers in my heart…

Bid your time. It will come. And it does. And it will. Thanks be to God.