We walked these streets like our father owned them.  I walk these streets like my father owns them.  I walk because my Father owns me.

I spent a night on a walk-a-bout with a friend.  It was the middle of the night and we had arrived at our home.  Were showered and comfy when suddenly, like a bolt we both realized that we had been re-energized.  We decided that we needed to go forth and conquer the night.

We walked and talked and walked…as though our father owned the streets and each turn was a turn further into our fathers kingdom.  And we realized we had left our purses behind at the same moment that we realized we were hungry.  And without skipping a beat we knocked at a door, knowing that our father would provide: entertainment, money and food.

And provide in overabundance.  Thankful to my creator for the provisions (including the safety).  Amen.