For years I have been attempting to expand my horizons, I have tried to deviate from some of my more comfortable roots.  If the only way I get from Point A to Point B, I get off the highway and try a new route.  If I have gotten comfortable taking the quickest way, I leave myself a bit more time and find something interesting en route (

While traveling through Newark, NJ, in the summer of 2016,  I took a detour to the corner of Edison Place and Mulberry Street in Newark, on the northeast side of the Prudential Center arena (home of the Jersey Devils).  All in the hopes of seeing a random brushed stainless steel hockey player statue in Championship Plaza.  The statue was created by Jon Krawczyk and installed in September 2008.  I am not a hokey fan… or a devils fan… or a New Jersey fan… but you know what, I would never know if I wasn’t a fan of Newark seeing as how my interactions with it where highway, train, airport.  So, I stopped and what I found was kinda beautiful:


Here is a picture of me “being a puck” because sometimes you feel like you are being pushed around. And sometimes…well sometimes you realize you are actually on bended knees and in the perfect position for some deep prayer.  The kind that leaves you worn out.  Yeah, stopping on your journey can lead to new revelations…

A detour early in the year allowed me the privilege of seeing some awesome sights, including a sign that has been posted to a street light simply saying: PRAY.