17098455_10210873119077351_2273802576139771381_nIt makes sense that Mardi Gras should become part of my series of favorite religious holidays.  After all, the seldom told story (at least in my family) is that Mardi Gras (also known as: Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) is the final day, the culmination of the Christian Feast that commenced on Three Kings Day (El Dia de los Reyes, Epiphany). Y El Dia de los Reyes, is my absolute favorite!!!

The morning after Mardi Gras, we begin the season of Lenten Fasting, we partake in the sharing of Ashes on Ash Wednesday as a PUBLIC affirmation of our faith in God based on our following Christ.  Lent lasts 46 days (40 days of fasting which excludes the 6 Sundays which are not days of fast).  These occur before Easter.

Every year I try to figure out ahead of time what I will “give up” as my Lenten Fast… For the last few years I have done a combination of things which have fed my spirit, I have given up something and taken on a new practice (for instance: gave up coffee and the money saved was donated to a local charity).

This year I have struggled with what to do for my combined practice.

Blessings and Smooches,

Pastora Elly